Policy, Not Politics

Haverhill School Committee members need to work as a team. If elected, I will collaborate with all committee members to do what is best for students, teachers, and taxpayers.


Petty political feuds should not ever get in the way of educating the children of Haverhill. That includes politically-motivated decisions that cost the Haverhill Public Schools money, such as the opposition to placing solar panels on Haverhill High School.


A news article summed up how politics cost students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers millions of dollars. 


"Although it won’t appear in the official record, residents can blame a feud between Haverhill School Committee members for Thursday night’s defeat of a 2.2 megawatt solar energy array atop Haverhill High School."


By some estimates, the politically-motivated vote cost taxpayers approximately $10 million over the 20-year agreement, including a new roof on Haverhill High School. 


About six months later, a Tilton School solar project, which would have saved taxpayers $15,000 annually in energy savings, also was rejected.


Just three individuals killed these money-saving projects. The mayor, city council and other School Committee members supported the projects.